Friday, September 20, 2013

Glorious Sunset

Here I am again! With more pictures! You will have to excuse the quality of the pictures you are about to see since they were all taken on my way home from work, and were thus taken with my compact and not my dslr!

What happens is that when I am on my way back home from work, that is the time that the most glorious sunsets will appear in the sky, and each and every time I am absolutely gutted that I am not able to take a picture of this spectacular image taking place in front of my very eyes!

Sooo, I decided that I will always carry my compact with me in my bag so that when one of these magical sunsets take place I'll just pull over, take my picture, and keep driving to my destination.  The pictures below are the exact result of what I have just described.  

The only downside to this (besides using a lower quality camera) is that I cannot get out of my car since I have to pull over to the side of the road, which most times (ok always!) happens to be a bus stop.  Therefore I need to be ready to move as soon as I see a bus which rightfully wants to stop at the designated bus stop space.  So picture this ---> me, in my car, at a bus stop, hanging over my window trying to take a picture!

Still though, I hope you like them :)

Till next time x