Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cats will be cats...

Ok so fall/winter time is not the most ideal time for picture taking.  The sun is gone by 4 o' clock, it's cloudy most of the time, it rains quite a bit, so the circumstances are not ideal for capturing a glorious sunset or anything worth photographing for that matter.  

So I had decided to give up for now, seeing that the weather was so gloomy buuuut as I stepped into my back yard and saw a cat casually laying down on the brick wall in the position you are seeing below, I immediately ran back to my room, grabbed my camera and various other opportunities presented themselves besides the original kitty that initiated the photo shoot.

Hope you like them!

What? Can't a cat have a minute to relax around here?

See what tricks I can do? I can touch my nose with my tongue!

Hold on, itchy spot!

If I could just get this open...
Almost there...

Got it!

Till next time x