Monday, May 19, 2014

Thoughts on the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Color Rush Balms

A moisturizing lip product that offers long lasting color? Yes please! But maybe not with the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Color Rush Balms. A little bit of info first: I have VERY dry lips, in the winter they will bleed, it's that bad.  

So let's talk about the 3 balms that I own; the nude one is an incredible color for everyday wear, very subtle and very creamy and soft on application.  However, as the day goes by, I find that it wears off leaving almost no color to your lips buuut it does leave color on the bits of dry skin that I have on my lips so while the rest of my lips are the normal color that they are after it wears off, I will have bits of dry skin with color on them...not pretty.  

The pink one, oh my, as soon as put it on my lips all I was left with was this bright neon pink which looked nothing like the swatch I had seen on the asos page where I purchased it from.  To be fair it was during the winter time that I got it when all I was wearing was dark or nude colors so this one was a shock.  Now that the summer is nearly here it's not as shocking anymore.  This will again accentuate the dry skin on your lips but it also stains them a bit so you are left with kind of a pinky color after it wears off. 

The mauvish one (I can't really call it mauve or red so let's call it mauvish), now this one will stain your lips, it is a very bright and pigmented color (as all of them are) so I am careful with how much of this I will apply on my lips.  What I actually do is that I will apply it lightly on my lower lip, then go over it with my finger so that the color is not so intense and then I transfer the color on my upper lip by pressing my lips together.

Conclusion: They are very creamy and moisturizing and shiny as soon as you apply them, but as the day goes by I actually find that they leave my lips dry and accentuate my dry bits.  What is more, I find that as they start running out in the packaging they actually become dry themselves and it's harder to apply them smoothly on the lips.  Is it worth it? Sure, they are not expensive at all and at the end of the day the darker colors will stain your lips and are actually long lasting, just don't forget to moisturize before or after!

They are not glittery at all but they are quite shiny on the lips 

Now this is my dog who was very upset that I was taking pictures of beauty products and not of him so I had to include
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