Sunday, February 9, 2014

This Old Guitar...

Recently I finally got around to transferring all the pictures I have taken over the years onto my laptop and then onto an external hard drive (just in case).  So last night as I was going through them I stumbled on these little gems that you can see below, no they are not gems because I took them (I don't consider myself to be good at taking pictures at all!), but because....I mean....look at's a freaking cute kitty and a very strange man who wanders the streets of down town Ledras street (a very famous street in Nicosia that's known for its shopping/cafes/bars/pubs/restaurants, all of which are exceptionally good!).

Now unfortunately the kitty is no longer with us since she has chosen to spread her paws and walk away but she will always be remembered for her unbelievable cuteness and her desire to bite anyone and everyone who tried to pet her.  And as for the man...well he is probably still wandering the streets of Ledras with his old guitar.

Hope you like them!

Till next time x