Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Puppy eyes and Ice skating?

I literally hate that I can only post something once every month now because of my job (which I don't even like...).  I wish I could be out taking pictures all day and then sharing them with the few people who actually read my blog, but alas, because I get off of work pretty late I can only take the time to take pictures during the weekend, but I'm so tired by then that I usually just stay home in my pj's, fun right?

Since I haven't posted something in so long (again), I thought that I could just include some random pictures that more or less manifest what I have been up to!

Hope you like them :)

Just a leafy day skating IS so much fun!

I pity the people who are on this ride....which people you say?

These ones!

Playing around with my new lens :)

Till next time x