Friday, February 12, 2016

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Right, so in Cyprus it doesn't really snow all that much and when it does it's most likely going to be up in the mountains. Now I haven't been to the mountains while it is snowy in absolutely years so this year I was determined to go. I even managed to convince my boyfriend to go with me, and he very kindly drove us there since he claims that last time we went on a mountain road (you know those really windy ones), he got car sick. I didn't argue (even though he was wrong), I just let him drive.

Now for the reason that it doesn't really snow all that much here, when it does then absolutely everyone goes up to the mountains and act like they've never seen snow before (which may be true for some people). They go kind of mental once they get up there; they start throwing snow balls at each other without even caring if they are hitting the person they are aiming at, or a complete stranger who just happens to be walking past, while desperately trying to not slip and fall on the icy cold snow.

Benny (my very spoiled dog) came with us as well, unfortunately I didn't manage to take any pictures of him when we got there because he was actually seeing snow for the first time and he went kind of crazy. To be honest I wasn't sure how he was going to react to it but he thoroughly enjoyed it. He was hopping around like a little bunny, sniffing everyone and everything while desperately wanting to run as fast as he could on said icy and slippery snow. That however could not be done because my boyfriend and I were trying very hard to not slip and fall down (trust me it would have been a very ungraceful fall), let alone start hoping and running around like my dog wanted us to.

Due to the conditions and my wrong choice of shoe-wear I only managed to take just a few pictures. I was very limited as to what I could take a picture of, since I couldn't just walk to the spot I'd like so as to take a picture due to the fact that I would slip and fall at least 3-5 times till I got there.  These however are some of the pictures I managed to take so I hope you like them!

This is one of the few pictures I managed to take of Benny. Sticking his head out of the window on our way there :)

A little pine-cone buried in its lonesome in the snow 

A very dashing looking snowman!

Till next time x