Wednesday, April 30, 2014

SKIN79 Hot Pink Label vs. Orange Label

Alright, so today I would like to talk about the difference between SKIN79 Super Plus Triple Functions BB Cream Pink Label and SKIN79 Super Plus Triple Functions BB Vital Cream (Orange Label).

First of all, on their website, they claim that the pink label is supposed to be whitening, wrinkle improving and sebum controlling.  Apparently there has been an upgrade and instead of just providing wrinkle improvement it now claims to be wrinkle free, but I do not have the upgraded version.  To be honest, I have to say that I haven't noticed any skin whitening action going on, neither any wrinkle improvement (yes I am 27 years old and I do have fine lines).  However, I do believe that it does somewhat control sebum (and it does mention that in the upgrade they have enhanced sebum control).

Now onto the orange label ,  they again claim that it controls oil, that it is lightweight, that it provides moisture yet a matte finish, that it contains multi-vitamins that leave the skin moisturized but without the feeling of it being thick or heavy on the skin and of course that it is whitening and wrinkle improving.  Again, I haven't noticed any improvement on my fine lines nor any whitening, but instead it does feel heavy and thick on the skin.

Onto the differences now!

Pink Label vs. Orange Label 

Color: Color wise it is quite obvious that the pink label is just straight up grey whereas the orange label has more of a skin-like color. Even though when you blend it out it does not look grey at all, when you want to increase the coverage on a specific area and thus you add more product onto the area then it does look grey, so for this reason it's not build-able.  The orange label one on the other hand, even though it is very build-able, it is VERY light in color as well, so if you decide to go for a heavy coverage and thus adding 2 layers of the product it will make you look like a ghost (and this is coming from a quite fair skinned girl).  

Finish: Now I wouldn't say that either one of them gives a matte finish, even though the pink label one might not be as dewy as the orange label one, they are both quite dewy nonetheless, neither one dries to a matte finish (you might want to take into consideration that my skin type is EXTREMELY OILY).

Coverage: I would say that hands down the orange label one is a full coverage BB cream whereas the pink label is a light coverage one.  After I have used the pink label one, just because I cannot build it up because of its color, I always go over my blemishes or the under eye area with my concealer.  The orange label one, I have actually used as a concealer on those days that I didn't want to bother with having a full face of make up.  It really does fully cover blemishes, redness, under eye dark circles and anything that needs to be covered basically.

Feel on the skin:  Again, hands down the pink label one is very lightweight on the skin, especially if you only apply one layer of it, you can barely feel that it's there.  The orange label however does have a heavy and thick feel to it, you can definitely feel that you have something on your skin, I would say that it feels and looks like any other heavy foundation would on the skin.

SPF: The pink label one has an SPF of 25 whereas the orange label one has an SPF of 50! For this reason, when I do go to the beach in the summertime I always choose the orange label over the pink label, but because of its heavy feel and look it is not ideal for a relaxed day at the beach.

Final conclusion

On a good skin day I will go for the pink label BB cream with just some concealer on any blemishes or under the eyes and then some powder on top.  On a bad skin day where I have lots of blemishes to cover I will go for the orange label BB cream, again with some powder on top but I do take it off as soon as I get back home from work because of its heavy and think feel and look.  Ideally I would like to find a BB cream that has healing properties for blemishes, that is anti-aging, has a matte finish, a lightweight feel and a good coverage, thus my quest continues!

Here they are right out of the tube  

And here they are just a bit blended out