Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Picturesque Cyprus :)

Alright, I never thought anyone would ever read these blog posts but apparently there are a few people that have! So for today's blog post I thought I would create a little collage of pictures I have taken in Cyprus and maybe next time I could post some pictures I took from my trip to Barcelona:) Please don't be shy to leave me feedback as to what you would like to see next because I literally have soo many pictures I wouldn't know what to post on here!

P.S 1: I know that I tend to take ''close-ups'' so you can't really see any scenery buuut I will try to improve on that :)

P.S 2: Some pictures were taken with my compact and some of them with my new dslr so excuse the picture quality in some of them :)

Now let your "trip" around Cyprus begin :)

This was taken at a beautiful village in Cyprus in the garden of some friends (can't remember the name of the village though...sorry!)

Now this is at the gorgeous Limassol

Again a picture from the village that I can't remember the name of...

If you have ever been to Barcelona you will recognize the ''magic fountains'' (if you want to see more pictures from my trip please do let me know:) )

Oddly enough I took this picture at the parking place of a school nearby my house!

I like to take pictures when I take my doggy for a walk and this is one of them :)

Many people thought that this one was taken outside of Cyprus, but nooo this is from one of the beaches at Protaras :)

If you read my previous blog you will recognize this little monster 

Yes, you have guessed it, at a beach in Protaras :)

And now we are at a port in Zigi which is another village here in Cyprus (same goes for the 2 bottom pictures as well!)

See you next time :)

P.S 3: here's a cheeky little link, click on it if you are feeling lucky :)

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