Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Poised Ballerina :)

Aaah, ballet, such a beautiful thing to watch right? So elegant, so poised, so ethereal...these are my exact thoughts whenever I watch a ballet performance and I always think to myself ''If only I could have the balance required to stand one one leg while the other one is up high in the air and look as poised as they do'', and what better way to venture into that by start taking ballet lessons?! Yes I have done it, I have started taking ballet lessons, and no the pictures below are not pictures of me, that's one of my best friends who also happens to be a very talented ballet teacher and took on the (impossible in my opinion!) task of teaching me ballet.

Since I always look for new and interesting things to take a picture of I decided to photograph her right before our lesson and she was kind enough to accept to stand on one leg while the other one is in the air and have me telling her ''hold it, hold it!'' so that I could take the picture. So there you have it, a few pictures of her posing for my camera lens. There is actually going to be a part 2 to this since after this session we found many more poses that she can demonstrate for your eyes only so be on the lookout for that one! Enjoy :)

Our ballerina in preparation

The ''pipes'' of torture

This elegant position that our talented ballerina is demonstrating is called Attitude derriere

And this is a demonstration of a Port de bras

While the sun is beaming on our ballerina we can see a first arabesque

In this picture as well as in the next two pictures below we can see a successful demonstration of various poses of the body

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