Sunday, August 11, 2013

Triplets and Kitty Cats

Yes my aunt has triplets, yes they are all girls, no they do not look alike, but they are still pretty darn cute!

One of them is my god-daughter but I love them all equally since they are all my first little cousins:)  I went over to their house today since I hadn't been there in a really long while and decided to take some pictures of them, of a kitty and of some clouds and trees, hope you like it :)

Oh yeah, going down the slide, little slide for a little angel :) 

Joyful little sisters, when you have no one else to push you while you are on the swing, you can always count on your sister!

Put together some random leaves with some sunshine and you got yourself a picture!

A swing that's hanging from a tree, a little board, a little table and a lounge chair for the mom or dad, what else could you ask for?

The leaves are the perfect frame for the blue sky :)

Kitty and baby, best thing ever :)

Love is in the air, or in the arms of a little girl :)

Till next time x

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