Thursday, June 23, 2016

We are feeling Hot Hot Hot!

It has been a bit over 40°C here in Cyprus and as you may imagine it truly is unbearable without the use of an air conditioning unit (and a pool, but hey we can't have it all now can we?). I really don't think I can function under such temperatures, it makes me feel very lethargic, the sweat becomes very real (from head to toe) and it makes me wish I was living in a different country (again, I think I'm asking for too much)!

Now the animals' method of coping with the heat seems to be to lie down on the pieces of furniture which are outside under the shade. The animals that are featured in today's pictures are Avgi (the black and white cat), Harry (the grayish one) and of course Benny. What seems to be strange is that they always pick the same spot to lounge! Harry always chooses the armchair and Avgi takes the sofa (guess Harry is a real gentleman leaving the sofa to Avgi).

What you are about to see in the pictures are the animals mentioned above in their laziest form, aka yawning, stretching and honestly they just generally look like they have had enough of this heat (like every other living thing in Cyprus).

Can't even keep her eyes open!

Time for some stretching!

Biiiig yawn.

Wishing they were in a cooler climate? 

Just a cool looking lemonade, tasted horribly though!

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