Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A plethora of pictures :)

I know that my two last blog posts have consisted of unrelated topics when compared to my previous blog posts, but since this blog is a little bit of everything I thought that it would be ok :)

This time round I decided to include some more pictures that I have taken either in my back yard, at the beach or at a mexican restaurant! Admittedly they are a bit random but then again so am I! If you stick till the end you even might get to see a little cheeky picture of me ;)

As far as I can remember all but one of these pictures were taken with my compact so again excuse the picture quality.

Here we go!

At the beach, obviously...! In Larnaca specifically, that's the only place in Cyprus where you can see that many palm trees :) 

Little Mindy, when she wasn't even a month old, still cute and innocent at that age

Little Mindy again...still innocent...

Aaand now the wild beast is awaken! Literally! She will not even let me pet her anymore, all she wants to do is bite my hand until it falls off!

This is her little brother who is a year older, he was such a cutie when he was a fluffy kitten!

Even though the quality is horrible I had to include a picture of my little baby boy, this is when a first got him from the shelter :)

As promised a pic of my sis and I (I am the one on the right), again horrible quality since I didn't want to use flash but here you go :)

Till next time! x

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