Sunday, July 21, 2013

Don't always trust ''beauty gurus''

Alright so like any other normal girl watching youtube beauty gurus, I also get sucked into the products they rave about from time to time.  The thing is that PR companies will send them those products for free and then they will go on and on about how fantastic and life changing they are and why you just need to run out and buy them, and of course we are only human, so we do run out and buy them.

To be fair there are a couple of products that I bought due to youtubers' recommendations that have worked wonders and I have repurchased them time and time again.  So in this post I am going to discuss the products that have been worth buying and the ones that I literally wasted my money on.

Here is an overview of the products I bought, the good and the bad!

Let us begin with the good shall we?  Due to the fact that I have super oily skin I am always on the lookout for products that will take the shine away.  There is one specific youtuber that always raves about the Rimmel Stay Matte powder (like seriously always), therefore after watching several videos of her saying how it's the only powder she ever uses I decided to go ahead and buy it, since it is extremely cheap as well.  And to my surprise it worked better than I had hoped for!

Just to give you an idea of how oily I am, after I have applied my foundation the oiliness will begin to come through within the hour!  After setting my bb cream with this powder, not only my bb cream will stay in place for 8-9 hours but I will be shine free for 5-6 hours!

And yes, it does wonders for us oily people out there!

Absolutely everybody in the youtube beauty community have been raving about the Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, and rightly so.  I have tried an unbelievable amount of concealers since I do have imperfections that need to be hidden, this is THE only one that provides full coverage, does not break me out and will stay on for hours.  On a good skin day I will only have this on any imperfections and I am good to go! 

Literally best concealer out there!

The next product was a recommendation by two youtubers and since I trust one of them more than the other I thought that it was worth a try.  It is a product that is for acne prone skin and it claims that it unclogs your pores, thus leaving you with less breakouts.  Now to be fair I don't know how well it works on its own since I do apply it at night but I will use another product over that just on my imperfections.  It is the infamous La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo; now there are two versions of this product, one which contains benzoyl peroxide and one which doesn't.  I have the one which is without it since it was impossible to get it shipped to Cyprus without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money, but I have to say that I got on with it pretty well since it has not irritated my skin.  Therefore I will list this under my ''successful buy'' category!

La Roche-Posay seems to have gotten it right

Now on to the bad!  When Rimmel came out with the Scandal Eyes Kohl Liner they sent this product probably to every beauty guru out there, and of course they all featured them in their videos. They were seriously everywhere; in their everyday make up look, in their monthly favorites, in their tutorials and the list goes on and on.  I like to put liner on my waterline, and since they don't call it a waterline for nothing, the liner NEVER stays put, it will ALWAYS end up under my waterline.  After listening to them go and on about how fantastic this product is and how it stays in place I decided to give it a go.  If only I had known better!  It is THE worst liner that I have ever had!  I tried it on my waterline, didn't even stay on for 5 minutes, i tried it above the lash line, didn't stay on for over half an hour!  It is ridiculous how bad this liner is, not to mention that this ''waterproof'' eyeliner came off extremely easily when I was washing my face.

Big no no!

Every girl will always be on the hunt for a mascara that will give her that false lash effect without having to use fake eyelashes right? The beauty youtube community claims to have found this product in Maybelline's The Falsies.  After having it seen it in tutorials and in monthly favorites time and time again I got sucked into the whole fiasco and went out and bought it.  Again, big mistake.  This mascara does absolutely nothing for my lashes, it does not add any volume nor any length (which to be fair it only claims to add volume), it just makes them more black and that is about it.

Huge no no!

And last but not least a product that is quite recent in the youtube beauty community, the Tangle Teezer! This amazing brush that is supposed to untangle your hair without damaging it.  The problem is that the bristles of this brush are not long enough to actually go into my hair and only stays on the surface!  Or even worse, when it does manage to go through, it does absolutely nothing for my knots which results in me using my old trusty hair brush to untangle my hair!

That is it, my rant is over.  If you do read this at a time when you are considering buying one of the products that have not been in my successful buys list then seriously do not buy them, do not waste your money on them.  In an ideal world youtubers would not recommend products that are absolutely worthless and would not prompt their young viewers who have no money to go out and buy them, but alas, it is their job and at the end of the day and they do what they have to do.

Till next time!

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