Monday, March 24, 2014

Think with your brain, dance with your feet!

Ballet...looks easy right? You see these ballerinas who are full of poise and grace (and strength!) and you can't help but think to hard can this really be? Well, it's actually A LOT harder than you think! You see, they trick you into thinking that it's something easy just because they have the ability to perform it so effortlessly and seamlessly.

 In reality, however, to even manage to lift your leg up without moving the rest of your body you have to be standing up straight, shoulders have to be down, you have to squeeze that bum as well as the the rest of your body. Basically, from my experience, if you are not in pain, you are not doing it right!

This ballerina however, after years of hard work and dedication, is truly a joy to watch.  And that's why I took a few pictures showcasing her unquestionable talent.  There are more to come, this is just the beginning.

Hope you like them :)  

Till next time x


  1. Great photos. Bravo to the photographer and to the ballerina